What I Do

I practice general law and am board certified in personal injury trial law. I have resolved many legal disputes through amicable negotiations, but I know how to go to court when settlement will not work. My experience, education, and training have made me flexible in my approach to novel legal problems as well as those that are more common.

Regardless of the area of law, every client is unique. The circumstances that require consultation or representation are often unique as well. I treat every client, opposing party, and opposing lawyer with respect. At the same time, I represent my clients zealously and demand they also be treated with the respect they deserve. I have represented many people in the following areas:

        • Personal Injury

        • Professional Malpractice

        • Domestic Relations

        • Business Formation & Litigation

  • Consumer Rights

  • Wills, Trusts, Probate

  • Real Property

  • Civil Rights

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