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You have been injured - now what?

Choosing a personal injury lawyer

What does "Board Certified in Trial Law" mean?


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Austin Personal Injury Attorney

Who I Am

My Name is David Pittard. I have been a lawyer for 34 years and am licensed to practice in Texas, California, and New Mexico. Over the years, I have handled a broad range of legal matters on behalf of individuals and corporations. For the last 9 years I have concentrated on representing people who have been injured due to the negligence of others. I have successfully settled and tried hundreds of damage claims on behalf of injured persons. I believe every injured person, whether his or her injuries are catastrophic or not so serious, is entitled to vigorous representation.

After graduating near the top of my class in law school, I clerked for the Supreme Court of Texas and then worked for two years in the litigation and marketing law departments of a major corporation. I was eager to become a trial lawyer, however, and began private practice working with experienced lawyers who shared my satisfaction of helping injured people receive just compensation for their injuries.

I am now honored to be board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. I am battle-proven in fighting for justice and fair compensation for my clients against insurance companies that have no interest in being responsible, just, or fair. But lawsuits are won by facts and persuasion and my efforts, experience, and knowledge allow me to even the playing field.

I handle claims for people located anywhere when their legal matter is the subject of Texas Courts. For example, I have filed lawsuits in Amarillo, Houston, Waco and San Antonio. Most of the claims I have handled to conclusion arise in central Texas including Travis County, Williamson County, Hays County, Bell County, McLellan County, Bastrop County, Caldwell County, Llano County, and in municipalities in these counties: Austin, Cedar Park, Temple, Georgetown, Bastrop, Waco San Marcos and Lockhart.

What I Do

I practice general law and am board certified in personal injury trial law. I have resolved many legal disputes through amicable negotiations, but I know how to go to court when settlement will not work. My experience, education and training have made me flexible in my approach to novel legal problems as well as those that are more common.

Regardless of the area of law, every client is unique. The circumstances that require consultation or representation are often unique as well. I treat every client, opposing party, and opposing lawyer with respect. At the same time, I represent my clients zealously and demand they also be treated with the respect they deserve. I have represented many people in the following areas:

Personal injury of all kinds including product liability, auto accidents and collisions, slip and fall, premises liability, dog bite, burns, explosions. Injuries resulting from negligence cannot be restricted by a list, but may include serious injuries such as brain injury, amputation, scarring, and spine injury. People who suffer injuries often also suffer lost wages or other lost income and mental suffering in addition to physical pain and suffering.

Professional Malpractice

Domestic Relations

Business Formation & Litigation

Consumer Rights

Wills, Trusts, Probate

Real Property

Civil Rights


In Texas, everyone is held to the standard of acting as a reasonably prudent person would in the same or similar circumstances. If someone fails to behave according to this standard and, as a result, injures you, that person has been negligent. As the victim of this negligence, you are entitled to compensation for the damage you have suffered.

A negligence claim can arise in many different ways, some obvious and some not so obvious. Further, every claim will involve the expert interpretation of existing law as applicable to the facts of the situation. This can be complicated and is best left to the evaluation of a lawyer specializing in personal injury law.

Once a lawyer has determined your injuries have in fact been legally caused by the negligence of another, the next step is to determine the correct amount of fair and reasonable compensation allowed by law. Again, the personal injury law specialist is best equipped to make this very important decision.

Finally, the most important step is to actually obtain the proper amount of monetary damages you have suffered. I do this by making a legal claim for monetary damages against the negligent party on your behalf. Your claim may be resolved by negotiation or, if agreement cannot be reached, by trial in the civil courts.


More often than not, people choose an attorney because of recommendations by people they know. This is probably because they have no other basis for making a decision. The following are reasons you should consider me as your attorney:

1. I am board certified in personal injury trial law.

Less than 3% of all attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas are board certified in personal injury trial law. Because I am board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, you can trust that I have the education, the training, and the acknowledged experience to represent you at the highest level.

2. My fees are normally lower than most personal injury attorneys.

In most personal injury matters, the claimant is incapable of paying for the attorney's efforts except by payment of a percentage of the recovery. A personal injury attorney will typically charge one-third (33 and 1/3%) of the gross amount recovered, and more if suit must be filed or an appeal is necessary. Case development expenses, court costs and litigation expenses incurred may be additional to these fees.

My fees are negotiable.

A. I will receive no attorney’s fees unless you recover. Further, if there is no recovery, you will not be responsible for any case development costs, court costs or litigation expenses. You (or your insurance company) will be responsible, of course, for any unpaid medical bills.

B. My fees are a percentage of the gross amount recovered before deductions for expenses.

(i) If I settle your claim without filing suit my fees normally are 30%. (Most cases settle if they are properly developed.) I will not settle your claim without your consent.

(ii) If settlement does not occur and you direct me to file suit, my fees normally are 33 and 1/3%. Attorney fees will increase to 35% if an appeal is necessary.

C. Case development costs, court costs, and litigation expenses are paid from your share of the recovery. Medical bills, as required by law (or per your instructions), are paid from your share of the recovery as well. Otherwise, you are responsible for payment of your medical bills.

"Case development costs" include all charges billed by other businesses for medical bills and records, expert reports, and other expenses of similar nature. (You are not charged for or responsible for services of my staff, ordinary office supplies, local transportation, faxes, long distance, or other similar items.)

3. I carry malpractice insurance for your protection.

Many attorneys spend a lot of money marketing themselves with expensively designed websites, telephone book and television advertising, but do not carry malpractice insurance. Just as all responsible drivers carry liability insurance regardless of their driving skills, good attorneys carry malpractice insurance. We are all human and capable of making mistakes for which we should be held responsible. Good attorneys respect their clients and recognize the importance of carrying malpractice insurance so that if they do negligently cause harm to their clients, they can compensate them adequately.

4. I will personally meet with you to discuss your claim.

You cannot judge well whether you will have a good working relationship with an attorney without first meeting the attorney. Except in unusual circumstances, you should meet with your attorney before you decide to sign a contract for legal services.

As your attorney I have the ethical obligation to represent you zealously and to the best of my ability, regardless of the fees to be earned. This duty can best be met by personally working with you from start to finish.

What does "Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial law" mean?

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization maintains a list of Board Certified attorneys on its website,, where this explanation is provided:

To become Board Certified in personal injury trial law, an attorney must have:

*Been licensed to practice law for at least five years;

*Devoted a required percentage of practice to personal injury trial law for at least three years;

*Handled a wide variety of matters in the area to demonstrate experience and involvement;

*Attended continuing education seminars regularly to keep legal training up to date;

*Been evaluated by fellow lawyers and judges;

*Passed a 6-hour written examination.